5 Simple Steps to Stay Healthy and Fit on Vacation

June 28th, 2018


Don’t let an upcoming vacation set you back on your healthy eating and workout regimen! Stay on track with these 5 well-tested tips while vacationing at Royalton Luxury Resorts.

Below I have listed ways to be proactive on caring for your complete well-being when traveling to any of our 5-star Royalton Luxury Resorts. These are my personal recommendations so you can take full advantage of our Royalton Fit program and all the amazing amenities and features, designed by professionals fit for everyone! Added bonus: you get show off your hard work in that cute two-piece bikini on the beach or inspire all your Instagram followers with a crazy athletic shot while competing in our Beach Fitness Challenge!

At Royalton Luxury Resorts, the management team and staff have made it easy for you, your loved ones and the entire family to keep active, eat well and ensure a vacation filled with fun, relaxation and adventure! 



In both my professional and personal life, I preach accountability and according to Pareto’s Principle, follow the 80/20 rule in all aspects of your life - especially with your health; 80% preparation and 20% execution – Failing to prepare means preparing to fail. Here is a list of items to pack in advance:


●    Tupperware or Ziploc bags: If you love to snack poolside or at the beach and are traveling with a “hangry” (hungry + angry) partner and kids all day, you will thank me later. There are always healthy and energizing snacks, such as a variety of nuts, dried fruits, fresh  fruits, yogurt and gluten-free bite-sized treats at Gourmet Marche for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you are on a specific diet and going on an excursion, you can ask one of the chefs to pack a few food items for you to take with you. Also, if you need some healthy fats and are feeling too relaxed to hit the buffet, Scoops Café provides options of sliced almonds or walnuts, dried fruits and coconut shavings - the perfect place for a quick drop-by any time of the day.
●    Workout Clothes and Training Shoes: Pack a couple of workout clothes and running/training shoes. It is mandatory to wear closed-toes shoes to workout at our Royalton Fit fitness facility – this is for your safety and allows you to fully enjoy the complete fitness experience.  
●    Smoothie bottle or coffee cup with cover – There are many delicious smoothie options and herbal teas to choose from at Scoops or any of the bars on property. Bringing a bottle or coffee cup saves you from have to get up and walk to the bar when you need a refill. 
●    Protein powder and supplementation: If you have your usual protein powder as part of your diet or other supplements you take daily, make sure to bring them in a Ziploc, so you can save more space for other items. Remember, being on vacation doesn’t mean you should throw out your daily health regimens, if anything, it should give you the ability to focus that much more on improving it.
●    Hat and Sunscreen: We offer many fitness classes at the pool and beach, such as Bootcamp, Yoga, Aqua Fit, Aqua Zumba, Aqua Spinning and Boga Yoga, so make sure you keep protected under the sun.


2.    JET LAG & SLEEP:


When traveling to a new time zone, our circadian rhythms are slow to adjust and remain on their original biological schedule for several days. When you struggle to keep awake in the middle of the day after flying, this experience is known as jet lag. 


●    Anticipate the time change for trips by getting up and going to bed earlier several days prior to an eastward trip and later for a westward trip.
●    Avoid consuming any “stimulants” such as alcohol or caffeine at least three to four hours before bedtime.
●    Take short naps in the middle of the day, but no more than two hours
●    Take a look at your in-room TV, under All-Inclusive and click on Royalton Fit to view the fitness classes available – exercising and increasing your movements and blood circulation in your body will help boost your energy levels and get you feeling energized for the rest of your vacation. We have designed our schedule with classes both in the mornings and afternoons, so you won’t miss out if you if you want to sleep in!
●    Hit the Royal Spa and enjoy the many luxurious beauty and spa treatments to soothe away any anxiety or stress you may have carried over into your travels. This is the perfect remedy to truly transition your mind and body into official vacay-mode!



Whether you are a professional athlete, health practitioner, or a fitness buff - you know first- hand the importance of keeping a set workout and nutritional plan. That being said, we also know that taking time off from training can be extremely beneficial for recovery and rest. So review what your sole purpose of vacationing is and how you can get the most out of your experience. If you are coming out of months of dieting and training twice a day, then your body will most likely be screaming for days off from the gym and in need of some yummy dining! You can still take time to be active while being present to your surroundings in paradise.  Keep the fun in the activities just remove the worry about having to keep on a tight schedule – flow with how you feel for that day. 


●    Wake up earlier and enjoy a calming walk on the beach while watching the sunrise
●    After breakfast join in on the Aqua Spinning class and then engage in some friendly competition of pool volleyball.
●    After lunch, leave your ego at your sunbed and shake your body in the most exhilarating Aqua Zumba class you have ever experienced! This is not just for women!
●    In the afternoon, take the kids to play with our Tennis Pro while you enjoy some quiet time reading or simply soaking in the sun.
●    Slept in and want to take it easy? No problem – join in our Sunset Yoga session and stretch and exhale all tension away while gazing towards to ocean.
●    Try out the gluten-free or vegan-friendly meal options at Gourmet Marche and all the a-la-carte restaurants – they are super delicious and you will still have room for dessert! 
●    Don’t deprive yourself! If you want that cake, eat it too – do it on the days you are more active. On your less active days, try not to over-indulge more than usual – think of the general notion of calories coming in and calories going out. 


Your body is approximately 60% water and is constantly losing water when you sweat and urinate. To prevent dehydration, you need to drink an adequate amount of water. When vacationing at an all-Inclusive it can be tempting to toss all health logic out the door! Be aware that being out in the Caribbean sun longer than what your body is used to dehydration is likely to occur. 


●    Remember the rule of thumb - drink the same amount of water as you do alcohol.  
●    The recommended intake of water will depend on the individual, however, despite the different options health authorities will recommend, stick to about 2 liters (half a gallon) per day.  
●    Workout Days: Drink a water bottle 2-3 hours prior to working out, half a bottle during warm-up with frequent sips throughout and a bottle post-workout.
●    There are always water bottles around the resort: at reception, in your room, the gym, and any area where beverages are provided. Plus, do you really want to be sick in bed on your long-planned vacation? Didn’t think so. Keep a water bottle on hand to keep your energy levels up and brain functions healthy, so you can be physically well when you participate in our Royalton Fit classes. 
●    If you really cannot stomach the taste of the good ‘ole natural H20, travel with zero calorie liquid water enhancer, ask for carbonated water with a lime in it for flavor, fruit infused water or tea. 
●    Avoid the sugary fruit juices at the bar – these will make you only thirstier and are loaded with non-beneficial calories. The bar service will fill your room fridge with low-sugar fruit juices, so enjoy one or two of these a day.




As a personal trainer for over 15 years, I know all too well the debilitating thoughts that go on inside many of these individuals. If this is you, guess what? You are not the only one. This is where you need to stop having those negative self-talks with yourself and be a warrior not a worrier. Our fitness professionals have been trained and coached to be sensitive and encouraging to everyone. If you have never really worked out before or you’re just a generally shy person, know that Royalton Fit was designed by professionals to create an inviting environment, so guests like you can truly experience a complete fitness vacation suitable for all fitness levels and health conditions. My husband, George and I have taken great care in hiring the right individuals and we provide them continuous coaching. The difference between our instructors compared to those from other resorts is their contagious energy and genuine passion to help others. They each have an ability to provide a positive setting for guests of all ages. 


Our goal is to provide the facility and tools for you to continue your workouts as you go back home. To the newbies, we hope to ignite a fire in you so you continue living a healthier and positive lifestyle when you return home. We are not just a gym with fitness instructors teaching classes; Royalton Fit is a culture with caring fitness professionals who all share the same vision and mentality to share the knowledge of optimal wellness and fit-inspired living. Your experience truly matters to us. We welcome you to take on this exciting journey with us to become your best self!

By Belinda Kiriakou (Blue Diamond Resorts, Corporate Sport & Fitness Manager)

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