Take a ‘Nacation’ in Paradise

August 10th, 2018


Packing light has never been easier. With the growing trend of nude travel, bringing in more than $4.3 billion annually1, the tourism industry is responding with more hotels and resorts offering the option of nude beaches or going all-out with completely au-naturel properties2. Choosing an au-naturel vacation for you next escape will give you the ultimate experience of freedom and relaxation, and there is no better place to bare it all than the legendary Grand Lido Negril au naturel, all-inclusive resort. Read on to learn why a nudist vacation might just be what you need.


  1. Boost your self esteem. According to nudism experts, stripping down is one of the best things for your self-esteem. The beach can be a place of judgement on how one’s body looks in a bathing suit, but surprisingly, ditching the lycra and seeing other, real bodies, can increase a person’s confidence and promote good body-image. Today in an interview with relationship expert, Dr. Jenn Mann, states that “Spending time in the nude is a great way to get in touch with your body and reduces shame.” Dr. Mann is a believer that more time nude can help women battle body image issues3, and added “you can work on self-acceptance which can be healing.”
  2. Skip the checked baggage.  If you can’t stand tan lines or getting sand in your swim trunks, then you're in luck. The obvious advantage to clothes-free travel is that there are far fewer clothes to pack. As airlines increase fees for checked baggage, a nude vacation is a great way to save some extra cash that you can use to splurge on a bottle of in-room bubbly.
  3. Get more vitamin D.  Being naked outside increases your vitamin D intake, and your mood. Experts suggest that the most effective way to get vitamin D is by exposing our bare skin to sunlight (ultraviolet B rays). Surprise, surprise, the more skin you expose, the more vitamin D your body produces, meaning that nude travel allows you to maximize on the benefits of traveling in the first place: sunshine and good vibes. In an interview with Today 3, sex expert  Shaun Galanos added, "Being naked in the sun not only boosts your vitamin D intake and your mood, but also it can help improve your circulation, and detoxify the skin."


Maximize your vacation happiness and visit the legendary Grand Lido, an au-naturel resort nestled on the coast of Jamaica, just outside of Negril in the perfect location to give you privacy while lounging poolside and enjoying the grounds. The idyllic resort offers a luxurious experience with premium liquor, delicious food, 24-hour room service, and an intimate setting, while naked hot-tub parties add a touch of grown-up indulgence to the more common family-centric all-inclusive resort scene.


In addition to a hot tub, the secluded property boasts two pools, an 8-foot deep circular that overlooks the stunning beach, and a smaller pool, which is where the party happens after midnight. The other perk of Grand Lido is its inclusivity package which includes access (fully-clothed) to neighboring resort Royalton Negril, offering GL guests an expanded list of dining options, nightly entertainment, and fitness programs. Meaning you can enjoy the intimacy and freedom of Grand Lido au-naturel with the added luxury of Royalton when you feel like suiting up.


Nude travel isn’t for everyone. But for vacationers who like to pack light, nacations are peeling away from their taboo reputation and offer the perfect life-changing experience for open-minded travelers.


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2 https://www.forbes.com/sites/charynpfeuffer/2018/07/12/nude-and-clothing-optional-travel-nakations-are-on-the-rise/#370843651dc4




By Alyson Bruce

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