Top 5 Wedding Trends for 2019

December 6th, 2018

Year after year, we see trends come and go. From color schemes and bridal bouquets to dress styles and reception food, there’s a new craze each year to inspire couples on their wedding day. In today’s culture there is certainly no shortage of inspiration, especially in the age of Pinterest and Instagram. A new year means new trends, so with 2019 right around the corner we have compiled the top 5 wedding trends that will be sure to add that wow factor to your big day!



Balloon décor has long been synonymous with a good party! They’re fun, whimsical, and a great way to save on cost. There are so many ways in which balloons can help elevate your wedding day.


Unplugged Weddings

When considering 2019 wedding trends, say goodbye to cellphone photos and hashtags. This upcoming year, we anticipate seeing more couples opt for an unplugged wedding. This means respectfully asking your guests to refrain from taking photos and posting on social media (at least before the couple is pronounced married)! Deciding to disconnect invites guests to be fully present and in the moment during your joyous occasion.  It will also ensure that your professional photos are not compromised in any way. To get the best of both worlds, ask your guests to turn off their phones and cameras during the ceremony but allow them to turn them back on at the cocktail hour and reception when the party really gets started!


Mix & Match

In 2018 we saw the rise of mix and match bridesmaid dresses, but in 2019 we’ll be seeing mix and match in other aspects of weddings. We love mix and match ceremony chairs, reception tables, table settings, and even groomsmen attire. What better way to stand out and make your mark than to do something non-uniform! After all, opposites do attract.


Neon Signs

Neon signs have been popping up everywhere! They are no longer subject to bars or storefronts. This vibrant, unique, lit up décor is a twist on the traditional nuptial signage and adds so much fun to your day. Whether you want to display your new shared surname or your favorite love quote, there’s no denying that the neon sign will brighten up your day (and make for a cool photo-op)!


Black Details

All white weddings have gained popularity over the recent years, but in 2019 we expect to see everything from dress color to reception décor in the darkest of hues – black! This theme is modern, chic and elegant, though it does run the risk of being a little gloomy. The key to pulling this off is in the details. We suggest starting off small with moody dark floral or pairing dark décor with a white counterpart.


By Charlyne Camayang

Tags: Luxury Weddings, All Inclusive, Resorts